About Us

Let’s set the record straight. My passion is not coffee. I like coffee, I drink coffee every day. I believe that if you are going to drink coffee, you should drink great coffee, but not my passion. My passion is to grow food. To provide nourishment to those in need, to look out for my neighbor. You only need to look around and you see there is a great need and I fear that need will continue to grow. More people became food insecure during covid and now food prices continue to climb.

When I had the opportunity to team up with a great, reputable roaster who could supply me with coffee from all over the world, I saw an opportunity to create a brand that would share any of its good fortune with the most vulnerable in our communities. A company that could use it's revenue to help make food sources more secure for anyone who may find themselves in need.

We are at the very beginning of building this brand so any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Spread the word on social media, follow on our Facebook page to see any updates, order a sample pack and consider a subscription to get our coffee delivered on a regular basis. We will be posting updates as we make donations, hold events like food drives and do what we can to support local food banks like the one here in Putnam Valley, NY.

Some people have asked how much we would be donating to charity. The answer to that question at this time is, “however much we can afford while looking to keep HungerCoffee financially sound so we can go on contributing for a long time to come." Initially I am thinking at least 20% of profit but the ultimate goal is to make places like the local food banks food sources more secure, so money will also be used to grow more food locally through aquaponic greenhouses and “Farming for Hunger”. We will be posting updates often.

So, while I have no track record with HungerCoffee, no great accomplishments yet, I do have a coffee roaster with decades of experience, and some of the freshest coffee on the internet. As far as my motives, you only need to look to my 35 year history of volunteer service in my local fire department to see my desire to help a neighbor in need.

HungerCoffee. Great coffee for a Great cause.