About Us


Coffee brand with a social mission.

  • Premium coffee, roasted and ground the day it ships.
  • Available in standard grind, espresso grind or whole bean 
  • Shipped directly to you
  • Subscriptions available

Whose main purpose is to create revenue to be used to build hydroponic and aquaponic greenhouses that will produce food for food banks and charities that feed the hungry.

Look around. Pandemics, social unrest, supply chain and production issues. More and more families are experiencing food insecurity and we are looking to do something about it. Building Aquaponic greenhouses locally will increase food securities for everyone. Coffee is just a way for you to support our cause with a product you already buy but for a lot less than the chain store drive through.

Help us to bring this vision to fruition. Tell a friend, share us on social media, order a coffee sample pack or sign up for a coffee subscription. Follow our story and watch us do some good and set an example for all.